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Gunung Kawi The Cliff Temple In Tampak Siring Bali
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Gunung Kawi The Cliff Temple In Tampak Siring Bali

Where is Gunung Kawi the Cliff temple Bali?

Gunung Kawi Temple Bali is a cliff temple located in the river valley of Pakerisan, hamlet Paneka, Tampak Siring village, Gianyar Bali. This temple is only 40km from the city of Denpasar.

You only need about an hour if you come by motorcycle/car. If you staying or start from Ubud center it only takes about 30 minutes.

Gunung Kawi the cliff temple Tampak Siring Bali
Gunung Kawi The Cliff Temple Bali

Other transportation options, you can use public transportation such as buses, taxis, or travel cars.

What can be seen in Gunung Kawi cliff temple Tampak Siring Bali?

Gunung Kawi Temple is a historical site that is highly recommended to be visited. This site has a cool atmosphere because it is in a valley surrounded by beautiful terraced rice fields and shady trees. Pakerisan River which divides the temple site, adds to the fresh atmosphere.

The difference between Gunung Kawi Temple and other temple sites is very real. The Balinese temple in general is a pile of stones, but at the location of the Gunung Kawi temple, the appearance is very unique because it is carved directly on the side of a cliff.

There are several temple complexes carved directly on each side of the cliff, several meditation rooms and stone doors, and the sacred cave where King Udayana meditates.

On this site, we will also see the pool and fountain in the front yard of the eastern temple, as a place to take holy water and purification for the king and the monks.

Gunung Kawi temple Bali
Gunung Kawi cliff temple in Tampak Siring Bali

You will go down about 300 steps from the parking lot/ticketing to arrive at the Gunung Kawi temple site.
On the left and right of the stairs, there are rows of souvenir stalls from residents, food and beverage kiosks are also available for refreshment. They will greet you kindly.

Indeed, it is very tiring to get to the temple site, but your efforts will be comparable to the scenery that will be seen in this temple complex. Sorry, we do not encourage elderly people who have problems with legs to come to this site.

On the west side of the river Pakerisan, you will find 4 rows of cliff temples dedicated to royal concubines.
On the east side of the river, you will see the other 5 rows of cliff temples dedicated specifically to the family of the king of Udayana, the queens, and their two children namely Marakata Pangkaja and Anak Wungsu.
On the left side of the row of temples in the east, you will also find temples decorated with unique sculptures for the Supreme God and the Deities.

The history of the Gunung Kawi cliff temple in Tampak Siring Bali.

In the history that records the kings in Bali, Udayana who is a descendant of Sri Kesari Warmadewa ruled Bali in the 11th century.

He ruled Bali very wisely, so he was very famous in his time. The king had an empress from the kingdom of Mataram in East Java named Gunanpriya Dharmapatni.

Udayana also has 3 children namely Airlangga, Marakata Pangkaja, and Anak Wungsu.

Airlangga who was the eldest son of the king of Udayana migrated to the kingdom of Mataram and was appointed king to replace his grandfather Mpu Sendok.

After Udayana died, Marakata as the second son was appointed king.

Gunung Kawi Temple was built by Marakata as the place of his father's/Udayana ashes after being cremated. During his reign, King Marakata died, then the throne of government was continued by his younger brother, Anak Wungsu.

Under the reign of king Anak Wungsu, Bali reached a golden age. Agricultural output increased, the Balinese people prospered.

On the cliff wall at the location of Gunung Kawi Temple, several rooms are considered a Buddhist monk's hermitage. This shows that at that time religious tolerance between Shiva and Buddhism was harmonious. Evidenced by the existence of several Hindu temples and Buddhist austerities located side by side in several places.

 Some important information on visiting the Gunung Kawi cliff temple in Tampak Siring Bali:

  1. What time is Gunung Kawi Cliff Temple in Tampak Siring Bali open? Gunung Kawi Temple is open every day from Monday to Sunday from 07 am to 05 pm.
  2. How much do Gunung Kawi cliff temple tickets cost in 2020? The ticket price for the Gunung Kawi temple complex for international tourists is IDR 50,000 per person. If you arrive by car you will be charged an additional fee for parking as much as Rp. 5,000.
  3. What attractions are near the Gunung Kawi cliff temple in Tampak Siring Bali? There are some interesting places that you should consider if you visit Gunung Kawi Temple in the Tampak Siring area such as Tirta Empul Temple, Pangkon Bali Restaurant, Tegal Lalang Rice Terrace, Aloha Bali Swing, Segara Windu Coffee Plantation, or Mount Batur at Kintamani.
  4. The dress code to enters the Gunung Kawi cliff temple in Tampak Siring Bali? Every temple in Bali to be visited is mandatory for guests to wear sarongs and scarves tied to the waist. You can buy a sarong and a shawl, or you can rent it at the ticket window. Some temples in Bali provide free sarongs + scarves, and in some temples have to pay. when visitors wear sarong and shawl when entering the temple in Bali, then you have shown respect for Balinese culture. So don't forget to wear it when you visit temples in Bali.

What's the best way to see Gunung Kawi cliff temple in Tampak Siring Bali?

To come to Gunung Kawi Temple easily, you can contact us (Bali Best Day Tour). We provide the best solution for those of you who want to reach this tour easily.

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Therefore, you can have a good and pleasant conversation with our driver while in the car. And you don't need to think too much about preparation, because we have provided a car including gasoline, parking fees, and mineral water for this trip.

For the tour price or Bali car rental with a driver, it’s very affordable depends on the number of participants and type of car use, such as:

  • Avanza (2 - 6 passengers) – IDR 450/car max 6 hours or 550.000/car max 10 hours
  • APV (2 - 6 passengers) – IDR 450/car max 6 hours or IDR 550.000/car max 10 hours
  • Grand Innova (2 - 7 participants) –IDR 500/car max 6 hours or  IDR 600.000/car max 10 hours
  • Hiace (7 – 15 participants) – IDR 1.200.000/car max 10 hours

Each price has included: comfortable car, mineral water, parking fee, pick up and return to hotel service, English speaking driver, the fuel (petrol), 1x toll fee, and free wifi on the trip.

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