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  • The Royal Court Klungkung and Tenganan Village Tour
  • The Royal Court Klungkung and Tenganan Village Tour
  • The Royal Court Klungkung and Tenganan Village Tour
  • The Royal Court Klungkung and Tenganan Village Tour
  • The Royal Court Klungkung and Tenganan Village Tour
  • The Royal Court Klungkung and Tenganan Village Tour
  • The Royal Court Klungkung and Tenganan Village Tour
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The Royal Court Klungkung and Tenganan Village Tour

Full Day Tour Rp 650.000 / car

The Royal Court Klungkung and Tenganan Village Tour Price:


TOYOTA AVANzA Rp 600.000/car min 2 pax - max 6 pax

SUZUKI APV Rp 600.000/car min 2 pax max - 6 pax

MITSUBISHI EXPANDER 650.000/car min 2 pax - max 6 pax

SUZUKI ERTIGA Rp 600.000/car min 2 pax - max 6 pax

TOYOTA GRAND INNOVA Rp 650.000/car min 2 pax - max 7 pax

TOYOTA INNOVA REBORN Rp 800.000/car min 2 pax - max 7 pax

TOYOTA HIACE Rp 1.200.000/car min 7 pax - max 15 pax

We provide an affordable THE ROYAL COURT AND BALINESE ABORIGINAL VILLAGE full-day private tour. This tour will offer the visitor to see the culture and Bali life, the history of early Bali, also the view of natural beauty.

Many opportunities to take pictures, add to the Bali cultural insight, and long shopping time to buy typical Bali handy craft.

Tenganan village, The old village tradition in Bali

Tenganan village is located in Manggis Karangasem, not far from the tourist village of Candidasa.

From Denpasar is approximately 60 km. Tenganan is also called Bali Aga village because this village has a unique social structure and has existed before the influence of Hindus came to Bali.

Daily life in this village is governed by customary law called Awig-Awig. The law has been in existence since the 11th century and was renewed in 1842.

What's unique about Old Bali's Tenganan village?

There are some traditions and unique rituals of Tenganan village which become the tourist attraction to come to visit:

Meeting Halls/ Public Hall is located lined in the middle of the village road. All customary activities are done together in this place.

Tenganan traditional house is built from brick, river rocks, and soil. the roof is made of palm leaves. All of the houses have relatively similar shapes and sizes, with the typical entrance of a width of only one adult size. Another feature is the top of the door seen together with the roof of the house.

The generation or descendants are also maintained by marriage among fellow villagers. Tenganan villagers will choose their spouses only from their own village or tribe in order to preserve the tradition. For the violating citizens, they will usually lose their rights as Tenganan villagers.

Ikat Pegringsingan is the original woven cloth of the village which is made by using the double bond technique. The cloth is designed and arranged by the typical color which usually used in a special ceremony.

Tenganan people also believe that their woven cloth has magical powers to resist negative power.

Mekare Kare is a youth ritual activity from Tenganan to fight one on one using pandan leaves as a weapon.

This tradition is held every 5th month according to the calendar of Tenganan that falls between May-June, during the ceremony Usaba Sembah, namely the ceremony towards adulthood for adolescent Tenganan.

This annual tradition is a form of homage to the war gods who are believed to have avoided their villages from natural disasters.

The swing tradition. The series of ceremonies Usaba Sembah after ritual Mekare Kare would be followed by a swing procession. Eight Tenganan girls wore golden yellow cloth and occupying every seat in a traditional wooden swing in the village yard driven by two young men.

The procession of playing this swing is a symbol of life that keeps spinning sometimes above sometimes below.

Pick up time: 08.00 am at the hotel lobby, and tour duration is around 8 to 10 hours.

The itinerary of THE ROYAL COURT KLUNGKUNG AND BALINESE ABORIGINAL TENGANAN VILLAGE TOUR : Hotel - Goa Gajah Temple - Klungkung - Goa Lawah Temple - Tenganan –  Hotel

  • Goa Gajah: Elephant Cave, historical place dating the 9th century. Besides Shivaist relics found inside the cave, there are several Buddhist remains.
  • Klungkung: Kerta Gosa, former Royal Court of Justice. Set in a courtyard of ponds, the highlight is an elaborately decorated ceiling. Founded in the 18th century.
  • Goa Lawah Temple: Bat Cave, one of the 9 directional temples, built in the 11th century.
  • Tenganan: An original pre-Hindu Balinese settlement, inhabited by the Bali Aga, aboriginal Balinese.
  • Hotel: Back to hotel.
  • Bonus: On the way to those highlights is also possible to drop you at some art villages like Batu Bulan: hand-made batik, Celuk: gold and silversmith, Kemenuh: Balinese wood carving and see Bali Coffee plantation and procession.

This tour is one of the most popular and recommended tours to all travelers. If you want more info or if you like to redesign the tour please contact us for your tour satisfaction.

Price Includes

  • AC Car
  • Mineral Water
  • Parking Fee
  • Pick up and return to the hotel
  • English speaking guide driver
  • Petrol
  • 1XTol fee
  • Free WIFI on trip

Price Excludesuide

  • Lunch
  • Other Expenses During The Tour
  • Tip
  • Activity Ticket
  • Entrance Ticket
  • Diner


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