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  • Bali Swing Package In Tegalalang Ubud
  • Bali Swing Package In Tegalalang Ubud
  • Bali Swing Package In Tegalalang Ubud
  • Bali Swing Package In Tegalalang Ubud
  • Bali Swing Package In Tegalalang Ubud
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Bali Swing Package In Tegalalang Ubud


Welcome to Balinese paradise, where adventure and natural beauty come together. Enjoy an unforgettable experience with our exclusive tour package that combines the excitement of Bali Swings, Tegalalang Rice Terraces, and other exciting recreational rides.

Our Tour Packages:

  • Single Swing is an individual swing designed for one person. Visitors sit on swings and are rocked above the valley of the Tegalalang rice terraces. This is a fun and thrilling experience where you can feel the sensation of hanging in the air.
  • Tandem Swing is a swing designed for two people. It allows couples, friends, or families to come together to experience the excitement of swinging over a spectacular view. Tandem Swings usually have chairs or seating large enough for two people.
  • Libra Swing is a double swing in the form of scales. Each swing is a single swing in the shape of a circle with various beautiful flower decorations. Feel the sensation of relaxing swinging and face to face with your loved ones for unforgettable memories.
  • Romantic Swing is a swing specially designed for romantic couples. This is a beautiful and romantic way to share moments together while enjoying the beauty of the surrounding nature. It is usually placed in a very beautiful location and decorated with romantic decorations.
  • Bird's Nest is another photogenic spot on Bali Swing Tegalalang. Here, you will find a series of bird nests hanging high above.
  • Chicken Nest is often decorated with colorful decorations, creating a bright and vibrant backdrop for your photos.
  • Giant Stone is one of the iconic spots that offers dramatic views of the Bali Swing Tegalalang. This is a giant boulder that makes a stunning backdrop for your photos.
  • Butterfly Park is a beautifully designed park with colorful butterflies is the advantage of the swing spot that we offer for your other adventurous experiences.

Beautiful Backgrounds:

All of these rides and activities are equipped with a stunning backdrop in the form of the beautiful Ubud Tegalalang Rice Terraces. The view of the terraced rice fields will make your experience extraordinary.


  • 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
  • Last entry at 5: 00 PM
  • From Monday - Sunday


  • IDR 300K/Person without transport
  • IDR 550K/Person with transport
  • Payment at booking, we accept PayPal, Wise, or bank transfer.
  • Some activities may be temporarily not available for technical or safety reasons, which doesn't change the package price.

Additional services:

  • Rent dresses
  • Photographer

Make your holiday in Bali an unforgettable adventure. Join us at Bali Swing & Recreational Rides Tegalalang Ubud to create lasting memories and chase the stunning natural beauty. Let's start your adventure now!


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