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Bali Taxi Service to Tegenungan Waterfall from Ubud
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Bali Taxi Service to Tegenungan Waterfall from Ubud

Are you looking for a taxi service to get Tegenungan Waterfall? Bali Best Day Tour provides private taxi services from Ubud, Kuta, Seminyak, Canggu, and other areas.

Our service is the best choice to facilitate your tour to the waterfall because it includes several supporting facilities for your trip.

The facilities are a comfortable car, a licensed driver, a bottle of mineral water, a wifi connection, and also a stock of fuel.

Prices depend on the type of car, a number of participants, and time, please check the Price of The taxi Service for more details.

Best Time to Visit

Tegenungan Waterfall View
Tegenungan Waterfall View

Tegenungan Waterfall is opened from 06.30 am to 06.30 pm. For a more amazing experience, we recommend you to visit in the early morning or late afternoon.

In the early morning, the waterfall offers a fresher atmosphere and a warm sunrise that may boost your positive mood.

Meanwhile, in the late afternoon will offer a shady nuance that is good to relax the mind while seeing the beauty of the waterfall view.

Fun Things to Do

Go Down The Stairs at Tegenungan Waterfall
Go Down The Stairs at Tegenungan Waterfall

For you who still feel confused about what things to do at the waterfall. We will tell some recommended activity as follows.

  1. Witnessing The Fabulous Waterfall

Tegenungan waterfall has a height of 15 meters. It isn’t indeed too high but so stunning by great cliff at the sides.

Around the area of the waterfall looks so green by tropical trees and plants which offer a cool atmosphere.

The green nature can be seen along stairs that you must go down from the parking area to the waterfall point.

  1. Swim in the Natural Pool

Under the waterfall, there is a natural pool where you can swim and soak while witnessing the beauty of the waterfall.

The pool has cold water and full of river stones and sands at the bottom. You may probably forget the time when playing there.

Meanwhile, need to know that you aren’t advised to go down at the waterfall if it’s raining because the volume of water will increase and be dangerous.

  1. Take a Shot in the Stunning Background

When visiting the waterfall, remember to bring a camera to capture all of your moments. You can take some shots in the background of waterfall and green nature.

Make sure you prepare the camera in large storage to create more memories into photos and video records.

Want to get the waterfall easily? Send text or call us via the contact below for a private taxi service.

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