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4 Excitements You Will Get in Bali Swing Ubud Rice Terrace Tour
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4 Excitements You Will Get in Bali Swing Ubud Rice Terrace Tour

Bali Swing Ubud Rice Terrace Tour is a fun excursion that combines fun activities and wonderful nature views.

This tour can be taken at Tegalalang, exactly on the north side of the Ubud countryside. It is a village that features an expanse of lush rice paddy with a unique terrace formation as a rice field at Jatiluwih, Tabanan.

Bali Swing Tegalalang Rice Terrace

Tegalalang Bali Swing Rice Terrace
Tegalalang Bali Swing Rice Terrace

For you who have a short holiday time in Bali, it’s really recommended to choose the Ubud Swing and Tegallalang Rice Terrace as a point to spend your worthy time.

The beautiful nature points will give you excitement, such as:

1. Stunning Green Scenery

Tegalalang Rice Terrace will really spoil your eyes at first sight. As far as you look, it is full of stunning green scenery that maybe you haven’t ever seen before.

The atmosphere is very different from the urban. There are many trees you will see here, such as coconut trees and some other tropical ones. The existence makes the air cooler and fresher.

Ubud Swing Rice Terrace
Ubud Swing Rice Terrace

2. Thrilling Activity

It is not only green scenery, but this tour will also provide a thrilling activity for you, that’s a swing vehicle. Perhaps you think that swing is a fun activity. It is indeed right! But, these swings here are more different and challenging.

The tall swing (more than 10 meters) seems hanging on high trees and there is a green valley below it. Maybe you feel shivering if you try for the first time.

3. New Experience

This Bali Swing is the latest activity in recent years. Maybe some of you haven't tried it? We recommend you try this challenging activity before leaving the island. This activity will be a new experience and an unforgettable moment for your vacation.

Tegalalang Rice Terrace
Tegalalang Rice Terrace

4. Amazing Photo Shots

The beauty of green rice paddy here is really popular, especially for those who want to get an Instagramable Photo Spot.

The expanse of the rice field is truly amazing as the background of your images. Meanwhile, some visitors often take an image to combine this green view while playing the swing.

This combination of images is really amazing and distinctive. So, don’t forget to bring the camera in the bag as preparation.

Okay, it all is the excitement you will get when visiting Tegalalang Rice Terrace Swing. Perhaps you are interested in getting this activity tour? See how to get it easily in the following!

Where to Get Ubud Swing Rice Terrace Tour

Bali Swing Tegalalng
Bali Swing Tegalalng

To get the best experience, you may book a special regular tour on BaliBestDayTours. We provide the Bali Swing Tegalalang Rice Terrace Tour at affordable prices.

The special price for Bali Swing activity in Tegalalang north of the Ubud area is as follows:

  • Single Swing = IDR 150.000 - IDR 200.000/person
  • Double Swing = IDR 300.000/2persons
  • Multiple Swing (all facilities) = IDR 300.000 - IDR 350.000/person

The tour price, it’s very affordable depending on the number of participants and type of car used, such as:

  • Avanza (2 - 5/6 passengers) – IDR650.000/car max 10 hours
  • APV (2 - 5/6 passengers) – IDR700.000/car max 10 hours
  • Innova (2 - 5/6 participants) – IDR800.000/car max 10 hours
  • Hiace (7 – 15 participants) – IDR1.200.000/car max 10 hours

Each price includes a comfortable car, mineral water, parking fee, pick up and return to hotel service, English-speaking driver, fuel (petrol), 1x toll fee, and free wifi on the trip.

In this regular tour, you will get many conveniences in reaching the tourist object, such as hotel transfer service (pick up and drop off), professional driver, and comfortable transport. It is also possible to combine the tour to visit other attractions places like the Tirta Empul spring water temple, Tegenungan waterfall, The sacred monkey forest, Ubud center, the Batur volcano, etc.

Just call us via the contact below for booking or ask any questions, and we will respond quickly. Thanks for visiting this page!


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