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  • Full Day West Nusa Penida Island Private Tour Package
  • Full Day West Nusa Penida Island Private Tour Package
  • Full Day West Nusa Penida Island Private Tour Package
  • Full Day West Nusa Penida Island Private Tour Package
  • Full Day West Nusa Penida Island Private Tour Package
  • Full Day West Nusa Penida Island Private Tour Package
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Full Day West Nusa Penida Island Private Tour Package

NUSA PENIDA TOUR Rp 725.000 / Pax

Full-Day West Nusa Penida Island Private Tour Package Price IDR725K/Person minimum of 2 participants. 

The Highlight West Nusa Penida Tour offers an exhilarating exploration of one of Indonesia's most captivating destinations. Here's a glimpse of what you might experience:

1. **Kelingking Beach**: Begin your adventure with a visit to the iconic Kelingking Beach, famed for its T-Rex-shaped cliff and stunning turquoise waters below. It's a perfect spot for breathtaking photos and to soak in the natural beauty.

2. **Angel's Billabong**: Next, venture to Angel's Billabong, a natural infinity pool nestled between rocks overlooking the ocean. Here, you can take a refreshing dip or simply marvel at the surreal beauty of the natural rock formations.

3. **Broken Beach**: Nearby, you'll discover Broken Beach, a natural phenomenon with a majestic archway over crystal-clear waters. It's a great place to witness the power of nature and capture some incredible snapshots.

4. **Crystal Bay**: Conclude your tour at Crystal Bay, renowned for its pristine white sands and excellent snorkeling opportunities. Dive into the vibrant underwater world teeming with colorful marine life, or simply relax on the beach and enjoy the serene surroundings.

Throughout the tour, you'll be accompanied by knowledgeable driver guide who can share insights into the local culture, history, and ecology of Nusa Penida. Prepare to be enchanted by the rugged landscapes, dramatic cliffs, and hidden gems that await you on this unforgettable journey.

The itinerary of the full-day West Nusa Penida island private tour package:

  • Sanur Port: Meeting point at fast boat agent at 07.30 am - 08.00 am before boarding the fast boat to Nusa Penida.
  • Sampalan/Toya Pakeh: Port on Nusa Penida island, where you meet your tour driver.
  • Kelingking Beach
  • Broken Beach
  • Angel's Billabong.
  • Crystal Bay
  • Depart from Sampalan/Toya Pakeh at 4:00 pm and take the fast boat to Sanur Port, Bali. The tour package ends upon arrival at Sanur Port.


Several Choices Of Tour Packages In  Nusa Penida

*East Nusa Penida Package, Price IDR 820,000/Person

  • Diamond Beach
  • Tree House
  • King Five Beach
  • Teletubbies Hill
    Atuh Beach

*Mix Tour Package, Price IDR 845,000/Person

  • Kelingking Beach
  • Angel Billabong
  • Brocken Beach
  • Diamond Beach
  • Atuh Beach

*Tour And Snorkeling Packages, Price IDR 875,000/Person

-Snorkeling at 4 Locations

  • Manta
  • Wall
  • Gamat
  • GT. Point

-Island Tour At 3 Locations

  • Kelingking Beach
  • Angel Billabong
  • Brocken Beach


-07.30-08.00 am meeting point at Sanur pier.

-08.30am fast boat boarding from Sanur to Nusa-Penida.

-09.30am arrive at Nusa-Penida tour begins.

-12.00 pm-01.00 pm break and lunch.

-01.00pm tour continues

-03.30pm fast boat boarding to Sanur.

-04.30pm arrive in Sanur.

-05.00-06.00 pm arrive at the hotel.

Tour and boat schedules are daily but schedules can change at any time according to weather conditions.


We suggest you wear beach clothes made of dry fit and prepare a swimsuit for those who want to swim or snorkeling. Other things to consider are hats, sunscreen cream, sun glasses, towels, masks, hand sanitizers, water, and snacks.


Return fast boat, boat and snorkel gear for snorkeling tour, private car with driver for island tours in Nusa-Penida, entrance and parking tickets, drinking water, and lunch (we do not accommodate allergies, sugar diets, vegetarians, and other diets).


  • Return hotel transfer
  • Personal expenses
  • Tips.


  • Most competitive price.
  • We provide private tours in Nusa-Penida, you will not be combined with other tour participants.
    One-way tour program.
  • Tours can also be combined with swimming and snorkeling activities (optional)
  • Our driver is ready to help, and recommend places that need to be visited. Our driver also arranges and provides flexibility in tourist attractions so that your tour is efficient and satisfying.


Regarding the character of the tour that requires movement, it is not recommended for people who have mobility problems, use a wheelchair, have heart disease, epilepsy, pregnant women, children under 5 years, and the elderly.

Those who are seasick are expected to take anti-sickness medicine an hour before boarding the fast boat.


  • Booking a Nusa Penida tour at the latest the day before, info and booking directly via online in our messenger account or fill in the booking column that we provide below.
  • Payment or down payment can be transferred directly to our bank account.
  • For the rest of the payment, you can do it at our meeting point/fast boat agent before boarding the fast boat.

Thank you for making us your choice for exploring the wonders of West Nusa Penida. We are committed to providing an unforgettable travel experience.

May this trip be a memory you will cherish forever. If you have further questions or would like to plan another trip, don't hesitate to contact us. See you on your next adventure! 


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