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Ubud White Water Rafting Adventure Jungle River
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Ubud White Water Rafting Adventure Jungle River

Ubud White Water Rafting Adventure is an outdoor activity that you must try in Bali. It will involve you in fun navigation along challenging Rapid River with jungle at the sides.

The rafting adventure is a recommendation for those who want to enjoy the beauty of Bali’s nature differently and excitingly.

Where is the Location of Rafting Route?

Rafting on Ayung River Ubud
Rafting on Ayung River Ubud

The rafting adventure by us will take a route of Ayung River that is located near Ubud. It is approximately 20 kilometers from the center of the countryside.

The Ayung River is a popular rafting spot on the island for thrilling obstacles and impressive sceneries alongside the route.

Its route offers difficulty levels in grades 2–3 which means we will navigate on the river with a small wave, large rocks, and cascades (under 4 meters).

What Will We See Along the Route?

Waterfall at Ayung River
Waterfall at Ayung River

Along the route, we get through some impressive points such as a small jungle and a waterfall.

The jungle stretches out alongside rivers and is overgrown by many green tropical trees that impress your eyes during the adventure.

The waterfall will be seen in the middle of the route. The rafter can stop and take a rest at the point while playing the water or taking photos in the background.

Besides the above, there are unique stone carvings that stretch out on the riverbank. The carvings are created by 50 local artists and narrate the figures in Ramayana Story.

Is Rafting Adventure Safe?

Unique Carving at the Sides of Ayung River
Unique Carving at the Sides of Ayung River

Yes, it’s considered safe! That’s because the participants will apply safety equipment such as a helm and a life jacket (Included in the tour package).

The participants are also accompanied by professional and experienced instructors during the adventure.

Before starting it, the instructor will introduce the detail of the route and teach some techniques to the participants.

What Should Be Prepared Before Adventure?

Before joining, you should remember to prepare some supporting items such as a sunblock, extra change of clothes, extra cash, and a waterproof camera for a more amazing experience.

Transport service, safety equipment, instructor, an inflatable boat with the paddle, locker, shower with use of towel, lunch, and insurance all are included in the tour package.

The price of the tour package is at IDR 500.000 per pax (minimum booking: 2 pax). For joining in Bali Rafting Adventure, please send a text or call us via the contact below.


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