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Bali White Water Rafting Adventure, Get through Waterfall
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Bali White Water Rafting Adventure, Get through Waterfall

Enjoying a holiday in Bali Island doesn’t only meaning you must visit white sandy beaches. There are many fun things to do there as one of them is the White Water Rafting Adventure.

Do you know about this adventure? White Water Rafting Adventure is an outdoor activity that will involve you in exciting navigation along Rapid River, by boarding an inflatable boat.

One boat usually consists of 4 – 5 rafters who wear a helm and a life jacket and hold a paddle to control the direction of the boat.

White Water Rafting Adventure at Ayung River, Ubud

One of the popular rafting spots in Bali is Ayung River, located near Ubud Countryside where is well-known for stunning nature and authentic art.

The following are some attractions that you can see during the rafting at Ayung River.

  1. Thrilling Rapid Route for Beginner

    Ayung River Ubud
    Ayung River Ubud

Ayung River is favored because it offers thrilling rapid routes particularly for the beginner or those who have no experience before.

The rapids route has a length of approximately 10 Kilometers and offers difficulty level in grades 2–3 which means there are large rocks, small waves, and cascade (maximal 4 meters) along the route.

It takes about 2 hours to navigate from the start point to the finish point.

  1. Impressive Green Forest and Waterfall

    Waterfall at Ayung River
    Waterfall at Ayung River

Not only thrilling, but the rapids route also provides some impressive views alongside the river such as green forest and waterfall which take off your eyes.

From the starting point to the finish point, you can see tropical trees and plants that grow lush and stretch along the river bank.

Meanwhile, the waterfall can be seen at the cliff point in the middle of the route. It looks so natural and fresh with clear water.

The rafters usually ask a guide to stop at the waterfall point to capture a beautiful moment there.

  1. Unique Stone Carving

    Unique Carving at the Sides of Ayung River
    Unique Carving at the Sides of Ayung River

Besides the above, you also see special sceneries in the rafting route of Ayung River, that’s a unique stone carving on the side of the river.

The stone carving was created by 50 local carvers and the most wanted by the rafter. It illustrates the characters in Ramayana Story.

How to Join in Rafting Adventure?

Perhaps you want a holiday in the rafting adventure, book a tour package start from IDR 500.000 per pax with us (Bali Best Day Tour).

The tour package includes comfortable transport with driver service, a bottle of mineral water, a ticket, safety equipment, and a professional guide.

For more detail, please visit Ayung White Water Rafting or contact us via the contact below.


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