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Full Day East Nusa Penida Island Private Tour Package
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Full Day East Nusa Penida Island Private Tour Package

The island of Nusa Penida is a new favorite as a popular tourist destination.

Similarly, the island of East Nusa Penida, which has many unique places and beautiful beaches that are second to none. many tourists, both foreign and domestic, schedule their tours to visit this place.

Likewise, crossing by speedboat from Sanur-Bali has morning, afternoon and evening schedules, so it is possible to schedule a tour to the island of East Nusa Penida with just one day and no need to stay overnight.

Some interesting places in East Nusa Penida island that must be visited:

1. Raja Lima/Five Kings Beach East Nusa Penida Island.

Have you ever heard the name of Raja Lima beach? This name is still not popular, but its natural beauty has been enjoyed by many people. Now a destination that must be visited when you schedule a tour to enjoy the natural charm of East Nusa Penida. Did you know that Raja Lima is located in the same area as the Molentang Tree House and close to the Thousand Islands tourist attraction, which presents the same natural charm?
The attraction of the coast of Raja Lima is indeed extraordinary. from the hill where you stand, you can see the expanse of blue sea, high cliffs and small islands in the middle of the sea. This place is far from the resident. The atmosphere is calm and untouched. In the morning, the beauty of the sunrise will look perfect from Molenteng Tree House. For those of you who like adventure, surely you will not miss this Five Kings attraction.

penida beach
East Nusa Penida island private tour package


tree house molenteng
East Nusa Penida island private tour package

 2. Teletubbies Hill

Not strange to us about the Teletubbies children's series, if you hear Teletubbies, of course, there will be a green hill where kids can play. Likewise, green hills like coconut shells look beautiful in the middle east of Nusa Penida Island. The hills are another choice besides beach tourism. Green meadows look beautiful offering a natural panorama that deserves to be captured.

teletubbis hill
Full day East Nusa Penida island private tour package

 3. Atuh Beach East Nusa Penida Island

The natural beauty that is served by attractions in Nusa Penida gives a new atmosphere and nuance during a vacation in Bali. The view of the blue sea and the high cliffs that surround the Atuh beach look so amazing, able to make it excellent, and become a mandatory tour destination on the island of Nusa Penida. The nature is so calm and beautiful, it is ideal for relaxing and avoiding the crowds. The white sand beach is visible from the height of the cliff and is hidden if you want to enjoy the white sand beach of Atuh beach, then you have to go down hundreds of steps and need extra stamina to the place. The beach is in a bay with very clear water.

atuh beach
East Nusa Penida island private tour package

4. Goa Giri Putri Cave Temple


A very large cave on the side of the road with a temple in it. So big, this place can accommodate hundreds of devotees to worship. Interestingly, although this cave is very large, the entrance is very narrow. The entrance can only fit one person and we can enter must squat. Can you imagine how small that is?

In the cave, you can find a lot of stalactites and stalagmites. Sometimes, you can feel cold water from stalactites that sometimes drips and falls on your head.

Before entering the cave, you will pass several climbing stairs. visitors must be tired of going up these stairs, residents of Goa Giri have provided free bottled drinks that can be drunk after passing the stairs. Because of the large number of pilgrims, we ask tourists to obey the rules and norms that apply and will get blessings from Hindu priests.

Goa Putri Cave
East Nusa Penida island private tour package

Bali Best Day Tour provides an affordable price of full-day east Nusa Penida Island private Tour Package.

We help you to facilitate your visit to East Nusa Penida island by providing a full-day private tour package that is reasonable price with the goal of unidirectional tourist attractions so that in your trip more time-efficient. We also guarantee the comfort of your trip because all your tour agenda will be arranged by our experienced team.

Price of full-day private east Nusa Penida Island Tour Package

Adult: IDR 750,000/pax minimum 2 participants.

The itinerary of full-day private East Nusa Penida island tour package:

  • 06.30 am - 07.00 am will be picked up at the hotel
  • 08.00 am payment
  • 8:30 am boarding to the fast boat heading to Nusa Penida 
  • 09.30 am - 02.00 pm island tour, lunch will be on tour
  • 02.30 pm boarding fast boat heading to Bali
  • 06:30 pm back at the hotel

The itinerary tour can change at any time according to the situation and conditions.

Price includes:

  • Return hotel transfer, pick up and drop off
  • return boat transfer, depart from Sanur at 08.30 am
  • lunch
  • snack box
  • Insurance cover
  • Island tour to see: Atuh beach and the Tree House Molenteng, Raja lima/ Kings five beach, Giri Putri Cave temple, and Teletubbies hill.

Price not included:

  • personal payment
  • tips

What to brings:

  • Casual wear
  • Swimwear
  • Hat, sunblock, sunglasses, changing wear, towel, sandal
  • Extra snack and water
  • Money

Payment Term:

  • Pay directly to the ticket desk before boarding the fast boat.
  • Payment will be except in Indonesian Rupiah only, cash or credit card.

Maybe you need info, bookings for this trip, or want to redesign your trip program, no need to be hesitant to contact us through our contact button below. We will respond to your booking or message as soon as possible. We always provide the best service for your satisfaction.

Have a good tour Full day east Nusa Penida island private tour package with Bali best day tour and see you on the island.

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