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Exploring the Beauty of Sekumpul Waterfall Bali.
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Exploring the Beauty of Sekumpul Waterfall Bali.

Sekumpul Waterfall, located in Sekumpul village, Sawan District, Buleleng Regency, Bali, is one of the most stunning natural destinations on the Island of the Gods. With stunning natural views and a very natural feel, this waterfall offers an unforgettable experience for nature and adventure lovers. The following is a complete guide to visiting Sekumpul Waterfall from Ubud and Denpasar, as well as various interesting activities that can be done there.


Scenic spots Bali
Scenic spots Bali

Travel time from Ubud and Denpasar to Sekumpul Waterfall

From Ubud: The journey from Ubud to Sekumpul Waterfall takes around 2 to 2.5 hours by motor vehicle. The route passes through beautiful rural roads, past green rice fields and natural views that are pleasing to the eye. 

From Denpasar: If departing from Denpasar, the travel time is around 2.5 to 3 hours. You'll pass through small towns and villages that offer a glimpse of authentic local Balinese life. 


Visit Sekumpul Waterfall
Visit Sekumpul Waterfall

Highlights of Sekumpul Waterfall

  1. Stunning Views: Sekumpul Waterfall consists of seven waterfalls flowing from high cliffs. This view looks very dramatic and makes a perfect photo backdrop.
  2. Water Clarity: Water falling from a height is very clear and fresh, making it an ideal place to swim and enjoy the freshness of nature.


Lush landscapes Bali
Lush landscapes Bali

Interesting Activities at Sekumpul Waterfall

  1. Play on the Natural Slide: One of the attractions in Sekumpul is the natural slide made from slippery rocks. Visitors can slide safely into the pool below.
  2. Jumping from a Cliff: For those looking for more thrill, jumping from a cliff into a waterfall pool is a very popular activity. Make sure to always be careful and follow the instructions of the guide.
  3. Nature Photography: Sekumpul's natural beauty provides many opportunities for photography. Starting from panoramic views of waterfalls, tropical forests, to authentic local life, everything is worth immortalizing.
  4. Trekking to Additional Waterfalls: Apart from Sekumpul Waterfall, there are several other waterfalls in the surrounding area that are also interesting to explore, such as Fiji Waterfall and Lemukih Waterfall. Trekking to this additional waterfall will add to your adventurous experience.
  5. Visit Sekumpul Village: Interacting with local residents and learning about their culture and daily life can be a rewarding experience. Sekumpul Village offers typical Balinese warmth and hospitality.


Sekumpul waterfall adventure
Sekumpul waterfall adventure

Trekking Package Prices Sekumpul Waterfall with Local Guides

To optimize your visit to Sekumpul Waterfall, it is recommended to use the services of a local guide who can provide in-depth information and ensure safety during trekking. Following are the estimated prices for trekking packages:

Standard Package: IDR 200,000 - IDR 300,000 per person. This package usually includes entrance tickets, a local guide, and drinking water.

Complete Package: IDR 400,000 - IDR 500,000 per person. In addition to the services offered in the standard package, this package also includes lunch and additional visits to other waterfalls around Sekumpul.


Bali nature attractions
Bali nature attractions


Sekumpul Waterfall is a hidden gem in Bali that offers stunning natural beauty and a variety of adventure activities. From challenging trekking to swimming in crystal clear pools, every moment in Sekumpul will be an unforgettable memory. With a fairly affordable travel time from Ubud and Denpasar, as well as various trekking packages available, this waterfall is a must-visit destination for every nature and adventure lover in Bali.


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