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Check Out These Things to Do for Bali Tour Ubud

Do you want to know about Ubud? Ubud is one of the areas in Bali which is a destination for tourists because of the natural beauty of the countryside and the many Balinese cultural arts centers there. For those who
want to see the Tegalalang rice terrace, and waterfalls, do rafting activities, or have a culinary tour,
then you can start planning a Bali tour in Ubud.
The Ubud area is different from many areas of South Bali. You won't find beaches in the Ubud area, so if your goal is to go to the beach, then don't include Ubud on the list of places you must visit while in Bali.

Then what can be done in Ubud?
The following is a list of exciting activities in Ubud mostly done by tourists in Bali holiday packages.

Want to Experience Elephant Riding? You Can Visit Carangsari and Taro near Ubud
One of the best places to ride elephants in Bali is at Bali Elephant Camp in the village of Carangsari near Ubud. The parks and gardens there are neatly arranged
and set with tame and healthy elephants. You also get buffet food which you can take as much as you like. So even though the price is quite expensive, it's really worth it because of all the facilities and service at Bali Elephant Camp is very good.
If you are interested in going and having fun with the elephants there you can use
Bali tour package services. You will be guided by a tour guide to get to the place easily.
Apart from Bali Elephant Camp, you can also visit Mason Elephant Riding which is located in the village of Taro, Ubud. You can feel the thrill of bathing
an elephant. You can also ride and feed the elephants. The location is nestled among tropical lush
botanical gardens, so the atmosphere is very cool and beautiful.

Bali has “Love Hills”: Ubud ridge walk, Green Hills that Refresh the Eyes
Ubud Ridge Walk or Campuhan Hill is commonly called "Bukit Cinta" by young people. It is said that the nickname "Bukit Cinta" was given to this hill because it is often used for pre-wedding photos in Bali.
Yes, the main attraction of Campuhan Hill is the expanse of high green hills stretching.
The best time to visit there is in the afternoon because the scenery can be very beautiful, moreover
at sunset and clear weather. Use the services of a Bali tour package to make it easier for you to find this place and other interesting places in Ubud.
Ubud Ridge Walk is highly recommended for those who vacation with a partner, apart from being a very romantic place, you can see the city of Ubud from the top of the hill with a different charm.

Feel the Experience of the Bhating Ritual at Tirta Empul
Tirta Empul is a place of worship for Hindus. Inside there are several holy springs that are believed to cure various kinds of diseases, purify the mind, and also dissolve the bad effects of swearing.
While on vacation to Ubud, you can take part in a bathing ritual at the Tirta Empul temple, also known as "Melukat."

Apparently, Tirta Empul was also visited by Barack Obama and his wife and children.
Before entering the temple, you will pay an entrance ticket and wear a sarong with a yellow scarf tied around your waist. You can use it for free, but you have to return it after visiting the temple.

Do You Ever Ride a Bike in Rice Field? Ubud Provides That Experience for You!
One of the things to do in Ubud is cycling on the edge of the rice fields. Yes, Ubud is famous for its
rice fields, so visiting the rice fields in Ubud is the best main activity when you are in Ubud.
Actually, cycling tours in Ubud's rice fields have become famous since the movie Eat, Pray, Love
starring Julia Roberts. The film is set in the rice fields of Ubud area. Since then, many tourists,
especially from Europe, have wanted to experience cycling there. Due to the high interest of tourists
who want to cycle, many providers of Bali holiday packages for outdoor activities in Ubud provide
bicycle tour packages whereas so far, they only provide rafting activity packages.

For You Who Like Shopping or Want to Buy Balinese Souvenirs, Don't Miss Shopping at The
Ubud Art Market
The film Eat, Pray, Love also took place at the Ubud Art Market. This market in Ubud is a famous
market in Bali. So, don't be surprised if you use the services of a Bali tour guide, your guide will
definitely recommend the art market for shopping.

Want to Play with Various Kinds of Birds? You Can Go to Bali Bird Park
Bali Bird Park is a popular family tourist spot in Bali. So, for those of you who want to vacation in Ubud together
with your family and kids, you must visit this educational place. This place is a family favorite as well
always included in the list of tourist destinations in Bali tour package services.
there are thousands of birds representing 250 species from various regions in Indonesia and other countries that can be seen in this park. You can take pictures of some beautiful and spoiled birds with a neat and beautiful garden background. You can also take part in the Bali bird show and attractions which are held every day as an educational program.

Bali Zoo: Famous Tourist Places in Ubud, Bali
Many tourists who vacation with their families in Ubud always want to visit the Bali Zoo. Here there are more than 500 animals representing 70 species of animals in Indonesia. Your visit also helps support the conservation efforts that are taking place here. This zoo has a breeding and release program for endangered species. besides seeing all the animals, you can also do other great activities like elephant mud fun, elephant expedition, breakfast with orangutans, and night at the zoo.

please use our car rental with driver service so that your tour is easier and more numerous
comfortable, because you just have to sit back and enjoy the ride.

Monkey Forest: The Famous Ubud Tourism

Almost all Bali tour service providers include Monkey Forest in their tour packages. The main
attraction of Monkey Forest is a protected forest that is beautiful and inhabited by many monkeys.
Tourists who visit there can walk around while taking pictures.

Once Again, You Must Visit the Rice Fields in Ubud: Tegalalang Swing Ubud is An Aesthetic
Tegalalang rice terraces have a land slope of 40 degrees. You can hang out and take pictures there
because there are several cafes around the rice fields. You can also try the Bali Swing activity while
you are there. The location of rice fields is in the direction of Lake Kintamani, so from there, you
can continue your journey to the lake.

Do You Want to Go on A Water Trip? Trying White Water Rafting on The Ayung River Ubud is
The Best Choice
Being the best thing to do in Ubud, white water rafting on the Ayung River is suitable for beginners
who are just trying to do rafting. The reason is that the characteristics of the river are not too
dangerous and the current is not too heavy. The scenery around the river is also very beautiful.
Well, that's the list of things to do in Ubud that you can do when you are on vacation in Bali. If you
really plan to vacation in Ubud, then you can use a car rental service and a driver. Why? Because by
using this service, you can be more efficient and safer.
In addition, you also don't have to worry about getting lost because the drivers from these services
are experienced drivers and are very familiar with the roads in Bali. Not only that, the car rental driver
will also be your tour guide, so you don't need to pay additional fees to hire a tour guide.
How? Are you more interested in visiting Ubud? Prepare all your vacation plans with the best Bali tour
packages and the best car and driver rental services in Bali, okay? And happy holiday there!


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