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Bali Swing Ubud Prices Reviews
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Bali Swing Ubud Prices Reviews

What Is Bali Swing?

Bali Swing is one of the interesting new tourist attractions in Bali today. This tourism activity is very favorite, especially for young people. Bali swing is usually have a few single swing from 5m to 75m hight, the tandem swing, the cute nest, also the amazing stones. All the properties are done over the edge of beautiful cliffs or deep valleys above rice fields or jungle.

Let try this activity and get the thriling feeling, adrenaline rush, unforgetable experiences and unique picture.

Where is the best Bali swing in the Ubud area?

There are several places in the Ubud that provide Bali Swing activities. They are some in the village of Bongkasa that offer Jungle Swing and in the village of Tegal Lalang with views of the rice terrace.

Bali Swing and Ubud Tour

Given your short visit in Bali, you can combine the activity tours with several tourist destinations in Bali. One of them is a combination of Bali swing activities with the Ubud tour.

In this tour, you will feel the extremes of Bali Swing and can also enjoy other attractions such as seeing some unique temples, shopping at the Ubud market, visiting monkey parks, seeing waterfalls, and enjoying the delicious local cuisine.

The Price of charter Taxi for  Bali swing and Ubud tour:

  • Toyota Avanza Rp. 550,000 / car maximum capacity of 4 peoples.
  • Suzuki APV Rp. 550,000 / car maximum capacity of 6 peoples.
  • Toyota Innova Rp. 750,000 / car maximum capacity of 6 peoples.
  • Toyota Hiace Rp. 1,200,000 / car capacity from 7 to 16 peoples.

Bali Swing Ubud Prices reviews

There are many companies that provide Bali swing activities around the Ubud area and mostly offer at many various prices. There are 3 different swing activities if you see from the price, they are:

Single extreme swing It cost you Rp. 150k - 200k, price is per person. By this swing, you will try only one facility of swing and you will get view times to throw.

The tandem swing will cost you Rp.300k, the price is per 2 persons and you will also use only one-time double swing together with your partner and will get several times trow.

Multiple swing or Bali swing package it will cost you Rp. 300k - 350k per person than you will get all facilities they have like several swing facilities, birds nest, romantic bad, etc.

Bali Best Day Tour provides Bali swing combine to full-day Ubud tour of course at a very reasonable price. Please chat us via the contact below for booking day tour or any info related to the Bali swing and Ubud tour.

Thank you for visiting us.

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