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Bali Tandem Quad Bike and White Water Rafting – All Inclusive
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Bali Tandem Quad Bike and White Water Rafting – All Inclusive


Doing outdoor activities is another great way to spend your time in Bali. There are many choices of activities that can be done on this island, one of which is Quad Bike and Rafting.

Here we provide a special tandem package for those of you who want to join and try activities, be it with your partner or friends.

The tandem package costs IDR 1,550,000 per 2 people. An affordable option for couples who want an exciting adventure experience.

This includes facilities and services such as transportation services, professional instructors, safety equipment, lockers, showers, and use of towels, food & drink, and insurance coverage.

Challenging Obstacles and Stunning Sceneries

The quad bike riding and white water rafting adventures take spots in Ubud, where you will conquer challenging obstacles and see stunning sceneries of green natures.

Prepare a camera because there are a lot of fun and beautiful moments that you have during the adventures.

It’s recommended to bring a camera in a waterproof cover to prevent a splash of water and mud.

  1. Quad Bike Riding – Wet, Muddy, and Steep Tracks

    Quad Bike Adventure In Ubud
    Quad Bike Adventure In Ubud

The quad bike riding adventure will challenge you to ride an ATV Bike while maneuvering on wet, muddy, and steep tracks.

Along the tracks, you must control the speed and balance of the quad bike to get to the finish point. The muddy tracks may probably make the wheel gets stuck in the puddle.

Don’t need to feel hopeless and worry about it because we have some guides who will be ready to accompany you along the route.

Besides, you also get through some points with stunning sceneries such as a green forest, a rural point, and a cave.

  1. Rafting – Rapid River

    Rafting on Ayung River Ubud
    Rafting on Ayung River Ubud

The white water rafting adventure involves you in fun navigation on Rapid River. You will board an inflatable boat and a paddle to control its direction of it.

Along the route, you must face and handle large rocks and cascades which require you to team up with your group.

It will also get through some stunning points such as a waterfall, a small forest, and also stone carvings on the sides of the river.

For joining in the quad bike and rafting adventure, please contact us below.

Have an amazing experience with Bali Best Day Tour!


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