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Buyan and Tamblingan Jungle Trekking
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Buyan and Tamblingan Jungle Trekking

The area of ​​Lake Buyan and Tamlingan is located in the village of Gobleg Singaraja, It is not far from the tourist area Bedugul. It is located at an altitude of approximately 800m above sea level and shaded by two mountains mount Pakpak and Lesung. The area is very green with dense forests that make the area very cool and beautiful.

twin lake buyan and tamblingan
Buyan and Tamblingan jungle trekking

Lake Buyan and Tamlingan is a twin lake which is the caldera of the ancient volcano that has been extinguished. Both lakes have become very important for all people who inhabit this area because it is a source of water and life, as well as a source of agriculture water all over central and north Bali.

Trekking in this area provides a fun experience because the trekking trajectory is relatively easy to feel comfortable and shady with a little up and down streets are perfect for all visitors. We also do not need special equipment in this trekking activity.

We will see the beautiful scenery of lush and rare trees, some wild animals inhabit this forest area such as monkeys, porcupines, giant squirrels, and several kinds of colorful birds. We will also visit some unique temple sites located in the middle of the wilderness.

That temple is still sacred by the locals where they worship the greatness of the creator, also some of god's manifestation and ancestors who are believed to help their lives. They are always keeping all the temple sites around this area because it is closely related to the history of this area where much historical evidence of the past is now stored in the temple area.

The locals kindly guide your trip by explaining some of the functions of the plants encountered on the way. There are plants for medicine, plants for ceremonial purposes, poisonous fruit, leaves that make itchy, and many more...

The last session of your journey is 30 minutes on a traditional boat across the lake Tamlingan. This simple boat called Pedahu is not equipped with a machine rowing by the guide through a lake covering an area of ​​approximately 150 hectares.

The most fun and romantic part when right in the middle of the lake is calm and cool. The towering Hill shows how great the creator is. The ripple of the lake water chasing as if we want to touch ... ..wow this is a very amazing experience is not .... ??

Trekking in the Buyan and Tamlingan areas is refreshing, releasing moments of tiredness from the routine. Feeling very close to nature and realizing how important it is to maintain a harmonious relationship with nature. I invite you to join in this activity during your holiday in Bali ... ..and let us make your vacation more unique.

Price of 2 hours Buyan or Tamblingan jungle trekking 

IDR 250k per person, children up 8 years to 12 years old IDR 200k.

The price of Buyan or Tamblingan jungle trekking is Include trekking guide, traditional boat/canoe to crossing the lake Tamblingan, and trekking ticket.

What to bring: casual wear, sunblock, mosquito cream, hat, sunglass, camera, and money.

Maybe you need a car rental for this trip with experienced and patience driver, please call us via the contact below. Bali Best Day Tour provides a new edition vehicle of course with regular maintenance for your convenience during the tour.
You will also get various benefits because the tour we offer can be redesigned, free wifi during the trip, free parking and we also provide drinking water.
Have a good Buyan and Tamblingan jungle trekking activity in Bali with Bali Best Day Tour.

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