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Bali Traditional Costume Photo Experience
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Bali Traditional Costume Photo Experience

Have you ever imagined dressing in the style of a king and queen on one occasion or your vacation?

You can realize this dream in Bali, you can dress in traditional luxury in the style of a king and queen, and sit on a throne chair against the background of a unique Balinese architectural building.

Bali Traditional Costume Photo Experience
Bali Traditional costume

You can also take pictures like kings and queens in front of the Balinese gate or in front of the park with thick tropical views.

Many things that make Bali very well known by the international community, one of which is its traditional attire. Traditional clothing is a cultural characteristic, by dressing we can be known where we come from. Besides being a characteristic, clothing also shows its philosophical value. Balinese traditional clothing has a philosophical value that originates from the teachings of God, that is, the clothes of gods and goddesses that are believed to provide joy, peace, and shade.

Bali Traditional Costume Photo Experience
Bali Traditional Costume

The Traditional Balinese Costume Photo Experience is a photo package that we offer, it will allow you to become a king and queen in an elegant traditional Balinese costume. Our professional staff will take you and dress like kings and queens. Our fast service will not disturb your other tour activities. After 15 minutes of dressing, you will be ready to display your beautiful pose. Our professional photographers and staff will help you with some actions for interesting photos.

Bali Traditional Costume Photo Experience
Bali Traditional Costume

Package Price of Traditional Balinese Costume Photo Experience is IDR 500.000/pax. This package includes:

10 photos printed 4R size and cd file.

Free return transportation to Kuta Legian Seminyak.

Free transport fare for direct tour duration max 10 hours from pick up time/min 4 persons.

The names of Balinese traditional clothes

Udeng Bali

Udeng is the name of the head covering used by Balinese men along with traditional clothes when they come to temples or attend celebrations.


Women's headdress is often also called Sanggul or pusung Bali. There are several types of Sanggul used by Balinese women, namely the Sanggul/pusung Gonjer and Sanggul/pusung Kekupu.

For Sanggul/Pusung Gonjer, usually used by girls or who are single and not married. Whereas Pusung Kekupu, usually used by women who are married.

Kebaya Bali

Clothing or cover for Balinese women is also called Kebaya Bali, Kebaya has arms and shoulders with an open design. In custom wedding attire, kebaya will be combined with a belt wrapped around the center of the chest.

Kebaya is also used as a formal dress on important days, such as holidays, weddings, religious rituals, and other important events. When you visit Bali, you will know the women residents who wear kebaya. This can be seen because almost every day there is always a ritual performed.

Safari clothes

Safari clothes are Balinese traditional clothes worn by men. The shape of a safari shirt is like a shirt in general and is accompanied by a collar and buttons. There are also pockets made on the left or right. The color of the Safari clothes worn for the celebration at the temple is usually identical to the clean or white color, while the groom usually uses a black safari dress combined with gold decoration.


The Shawl is a piece of cloth tied to the waist. Shawls are always used in performing worship rituals, which you can usually easily find when visiting certain locations in Bali.

For those who carry out the ritual, shawl means binding of self from bad behavior or lust and as a barrier to the lower body with the upper part.

When you visit temples or shrines in Bali, you are asked to wear a shawl. But it would be better to wear traditional clothes to respect the people there.


Kamen is a subordinate cloth on Balinese traditional clothes. When observed, Kamen has similarities with a square-shaped sarong. Kamen is made of thin cloth. Men and women have different usage rules for wearing this Kamen. For men, generally wearing 2 pieces of cloth that are used to cover the subordinate. The cloth inside is what is called Kamen, while on the outside it is referred to as Saput or Kampuh. Kampuh and Kamen will be tied with a shawl with the aim that they are not separated.

Are you interested in the package we offer? if you are interested please contact us via the call button below. You can also ask for the tours that can be combined with this package. Thank you for looking at our site, happy holidays in BALI.

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