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The History and Myths of Tanah Lot temple That you Should Know
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The History and Myths of Tanah Lot temple That you Should Know

Entrance ticket of Tanah Lot Temple


child (6-12 years old)





child(6-12 years old)




Tanah Lot Temple is located in the village of Beraban-Kediri, Tabanan-Bali. This place is a holy place to worship God in its manifestation as the god of the sea for fertility and prosperity. It is one of the favorite travel destinations for tourists because of the sacred aura of Tanah Lot Temple and the beautiful sea view with its romantic sunset.

Before visiting, you should know about the history/legends and myths surrounding Tanah Lot Temple so that your trip is satisfying and not just a visit

History / Legend:

According to the local community, Tanah Lot Temple was built and blessed by a Brahman/priest named Danghyang Niratha. He made a sacred journey from Java to Bali to strengthen the belief of the majority of Balinese people about Hinduism in the 16th century. However, when he was on a mission, the village head of Bendesa Beraban was jealous and wanted to expel Danghyang Niratha from his meditation place because a number of his followers turned and started following the priest.

Due to resistance, Danghyang Niratha asked God for safety and had time to move a large stone to part with the mainland. So, the Tanah Lot Temple is believed to have been created from the spiritual power of Danghyang Niratha, who moved a large boulder to the middle of the beach and became his place of meditation.

After the stones were successfully removed, a temple was built and guarded by a temple guard made of Danghyang Niratha's celery. Then the shawl was transformed into a sea snake commonly called Lipi-Poleng, a black and white snake.

Some of the myths that circulate for the Tanah Lot temple:

  1. Some sacred snakes found on the cliffs around the temple are believed to be temple guards that keep people away from the threat of crime and damage. Actually, this snake can be held under the supervision of temple guards, but we recommend not to touch it because this snake is a very venomous sea snake.
  2. You can ask for holy water to stay young in the western part of Tanah Lot Temple, yes, if you can ask the guards for holy water. Actually, mineral water is a symbol of cleaning water for pilgrims who want to enter the temple.
  3. The last myth is that if an unmarried couple visits Tanah Lot Temple, their relationship will not last long. In fact, this myth was created to stay away from young people who are in love so as not to commit obscenity around this holy area while enjoying the beauty of the temple with its romantic sunset. So you don't need to be afraid to come to Tanah Lot as long as you are polite and maintain the sanctity of the temple.

 See you at Tanah Lot temple.

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