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Bull Race in Bali
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Bull Race in Bali

Makepung is a unique bull racing tradition that is still preserved in Jembrana, one of 8 regency city in west Bali. Almost similar to Karapan Sapi in Madura. Makepung which means the race is a buffalo racing tradition originally from a game that the farmers did in their spare time after the rice harvest.

Makepung is slightly different when compared to Karapan Sapi or other racing activities. The unique rule in this Makepung is that the winner of the race is not only determined from the cows who cross the finish line first but also must keep the distance with the other participants.

That is, a participant will be considered a winner if he becomes a pepper when reaching the finish line and able to keep the distance with participants behind him as far as 10 meters.

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