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3 Fun Things to Do in Ubud You Should Try At Least Once in Your Lifetime

Your Bali holiday is not complete without visiting Ubud. Ubud is the center of many fun activities. This
time, we will introduce three things you can do here. They are ATV rides, the best way to enjoy an
adrenaline rush adventure going through Ubud’s jungle. Then, we also have Nukuwera tubing, the
best way to have fun and relax your body and mind. Lastly, you will visit the Tlaga Singha Day Club
and pamper yourself. Are you ready?!

Ubud ATV Ride
Ubud has beautiful Rice terraces. Its natural scenery is also something that you don’t
want to miss. The best way to enjoy all those natural beauties is by going through them on a powerful
ATV bike. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery surrounding you and the challenging route you take by
riding an ATV bike.

You also have several route difficulty options. The beginner route is perfect for a first-timer or if you
want to spend your relaxing time on ATV. Then, there is the intermediate route that gives you the
challenge. Lastly, the professional/adventure class route gives you a real challenge. You need to use
all your skills and concentration to take this route.

Depending on the Bali tour package you have booked, your ATV adventure could end with rafting at
Ayung River is also one of the hottest spots in Ubud. It is another fun activity you should try,
where you can enjoy the river and finish this activity at the local restaurant with Balinese cuisine

The ATV tour will have a guide. The guide will brief you on what kind of things you should do and
remember during the ATV ride. It is a risky activity that can cause an accident. Therefore, pay
attention to the guide's explanation and follow the instructions.

Now, how can we get this fun adventure? You can rent an ATV bike yourself. Furthermore, that would
be troublesome because you need to find the route, guide, and many others. The best way to enjoy
this adventure is to book the ATV Ubud tour from the travel agency. Pay for the tour. Then, you can
enjoy the ride.

Nukuwera Tubing
Nukuwera is known as the best place where you can relax and have fun with your friends at the most. You can find many places where you can satisfy your palate here. Best of all, while
enjoying those delicious yet affordable meals, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Ubud.

But, our purpose here is not only to enjoy the meal. You need to try a fun thing to do in Ubud, the
Nukuwera tubing. You can enjoy this activity with your family because the river you are going to
explore is quite calm. So, it is a fun experience you should try at least once when you visit Ubud.
Interestingly, the river you can find for Nukuwera tubing is a manmade river. It was built during the
Japanese invasion era. You can find this unique river in Sapat, Ubud. Exploring this river will take
around 45 minutes. Enjoy the scenery and fun when you adventure in the manmade river and pass a
beautiful cave. The Sapat tubing is the most popular tubing location.

After you enjoy the tubing activity, you can enjoy the meal. As mentioned earlier, Nukuwera is the
best location where you can find an affordable meal. Among many restaurants, you can find here,
Pandawa Cafe Ubud or is also known as Nukuwera Cafe is our recommendation.

This cafe provides various local cuisine, such as Plecing Kangkung, Satai Lilit, and many more. It also
has international cuisine. You will find any meal you want to try here. Best of all, close to this
restaurant, you also can find another tubing site. It is calm and suitable for children. Moreover, the fee
is only IDR 20,000. You also can get a guide that helps you enjoy this activity. 

If you are not satisfied with the tubing, you can continue your Bali tour, by visiting other places close to
Nukuwera. For example, you can visit Ubud Monkey Forest, Ubud Palace, Saraswati Temple, Goa
Gajah, Luwak Coffee Plantation, and many more.

How to get here? The best method to visit the Nukuwera area and have a tubing adventure is by car.
Of course, we recommend you hire a travel agency for that. They will provide the car with a driver that
also acts as your guide. So, you only need to pay, relax in the car, and they will drive the car to the
location. Plus, with an itinerary, you can enjoy your full day of adventure without missing anything.

Tlaga Singha Day Club
A fun thing to do in Ubud is not only about adventure in the wild. You also need to treat yourself to the
best service and high-quality meals. For that reason, you can visit Tlaga Singha Day Club. This place
is a perfect choice to end your adventure in Ubud.

Tlaga Singha Day Club is a luxurious hideaway that will keep you away from modern-day life and
stressful activity. The design and atmosphere in this place are so relaxing. It has a tropical river pool
that offers the best way to satisfy your eyes and palate.

Speaking about cuisine, Tlaga Singha Day Club has various Indonesian foods. All of them came with
authentic flavors. All foods and drinks here are the creation of experienced and skillful chefs. You
don’t have to doubt the taste. It is delicious.

Moreover, you also can take a dip and relax in swimming pools, simp-up pool bars, or meeting spaces
that you can modify like what you order. Plus, the beautiful scenic riverside views also give you a
beautiful background accompanying your luxury time here. If you want more relaxation time, this
place also provides a Spa and Yoga course for you. Try them all and guarantee they will rejuvenate your
body and mind.

One more thing you should remember. When you enter this place, do not forget to look up and see
the ceiling. Tlaga Singha Day Club has one of the most beautiful ceiling designs you can find in the
world. It combines traditional and modern Balinese architecture styles.

Final Words
Ubud holds many beautiful and unique places to visit. Along with those places, you also can try
various fun activities, from ATV rides to tubing. Do not forget the cuisine! Ubud is the center of
delicious cuisine in Bali. Many food lovers visit this city to enjoy them. So, if you visit Ubud, you
should take time to visit a restaurant and enjoy all the menus you can find there. After you have
successfully tried them all, you will have a complete Bali holiday.


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